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ISBN :9789869851534 / Pages : 36

Hidden on the Train

Author Star Cheng
Illustrator Star Cheng

“The situation at hand is like a game of hide and seek; everyone is the seeker with covered eyes; everyone is also the hider, hiding from others.” Finn was a forced child laborer at a mine in the Kingdom of East Eagle. He decided to escape from East Eagle on the Central Train, the only connection to the Kingdom of West Deer. As the police were closing in on him at the train station, a stranger came to his rescue. His name was Robert, and he and Finn both made it onto the train safely. Unbeknown to Finn, Robert was actually a spy. He had stolen confidential information from East Eagle and was ready to return to West Deer. However, the East Eagle government discovered Robert’s misdeed and planted a secret police officer on the train to retrieve the information. At the same time, West Deer also sent a secret police officer to protect Robert. Finn thought he could have seven quiet days on the train. He didn’t expect to get pulled into this dangerous situation. The Hidden on The Train pop-up book is a new creative work by illustrator and paper artist Star Cheng. Starting from the train’s departure, the book tells the story in a visual manner by combining the structures of an accordion and a dollhouse, allowing readers to be led through the scenes on the train and embarking on an adventure.


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