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ISBN :9789865546106 / Pages : 32

Slowpoke the Turtle Is Looking for a Job

Author Wei-Hsin Hsiao
Illustrator Tze Wei Yang

Slowpoke the Turtle had three jobs but all fail because he was too slow. Slowpoke gave up looking for jobs. Instead, he observed the happenings in town and decided to record the stories. Finally, Slowpoke got to use his strength. What is his new job?



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Children's Books
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Early Readers3-6
Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group
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Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group
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Hsiaochun Liao
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  • Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group upholds the rigorous expectations of educational textbooks, began publishing books in 2006, and have successfully expanded its publications into a variety of top-quality extracurricular reading materials, winning prizes along the way. Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group categorizes publications based on age and topic, continuously incorporating new authors and new themes in the hopes of expanding children’s reading experiences to cultivate healthy reading habits