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ISBN :9789864071463 / Pages : 168

10 Minutes English Every Day For early Childhood English Education【The Numbers】

Author Zoe Huang

How to educate the children focus on the language-learning? We believe the Sensory Play is the most suitable one. Therefore, we edit more pictures and the interactive games in this book. This time, children would take an adventure together with the story character “Amy” started to learn the “Numbers” from the daily life. There’re 27 stories in English and Chinese, such as shopping, travel, festivals…etc. Children would learn the vocabulary, grammar and sentence pattern from the stories, also the book has combine with our unique VRP function Virtual Reading Pen of Youtor App. Readers could use the app to scan the code on the page side and listen the mp3 immediately, which letting parents and children could listen the dialogues and stories more easily at any time, any places.  More about the function “virtual reading pen” hereinafter called “VRP” : which is helping the readers to listen the mp3 in a convenient way. People only need a smart phone with Youtor App and the exclusive QRcode, the app will auto-download and play the tracks by scanning the code. Also the audio will be auto-saved in the cloud, which use the less storage of the phone. After download the mp3 files, VRP also could be used in the off-line at any time. Furthermore, VRP has obtained Taiwan Utility Model Patent.


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