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ISBN :9789861615998 / Pages : 40

The Little House-Wubi

Author Yujie Wu
Illustrator Yujie Wu
Award 1. First prize of the 30th HSIN-YI Children Literature Award-Picture Book Creation Award2. Selected in 109

Wubi was an empty little house. One day a young couple moved into it and started to build their family. They had many wonderful moments in Wubi. However day by day their only son grew up and left home. The husband and wife also got old and left. Wubi was alone again. It fell asleep for a long time until someone moved in.

#move into a new house # new life # build a family # get old # left #


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Children's Books
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Early Readers3-6
Hsin Yi Publications
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Hsin Yi Publications
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Serena Huang
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  • Hsin Yi Foundation was founded by the founder of Yuen Foong Yu Group, Mr. Chuan Ho and his two sons in 1971. The initial goals of the Foundation were aimed to help the poor, disadvantaged people and granting scholarships. In order to encourage local woks and nurturing local picture book artists, we established Hsin Yi Children’s Picture Book Award, which is the first picture book award in Taiwan. More than 30 titles of award books have been translated in to English, Germany, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, etc.