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ISBN :9789865513016 / Pages : 40

Twelve Little Guardians in New Year: The Year of the Ox

Author Chih-Hao Yen
Illustrator Jhih-Min Huang

The twelve little Zodiac guardians are ordered by the Jade Emperor. On every New Year's Eve, they drive the golden ship and give out New Year’s Blessing to people. This year, it’s little ox’s turn. How can he give full play to his talents and subdue the Nian monster? Different from traditional Chinese folktales, this is a subversion that combines fantasy elements and comic narratives about this holiday, leading readers to understand the traditional Chinese culture and customs and the personality and characteristics of each zodiac.


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Middle Grade7-12
Hsiao Lu Publishing Co., Ltd.
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Hsiao Lu Publishing Co., Ltd.
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  • Tien Wei / Hsiao Lu Publishing Company initially published a series of historical books and books devoted to children’s literature from the whole world, under the concept of “promoting talent through reading, and achieving wisdom through history.” It has gradually extended to the publication of books of high quality. The company has a solid reputation among its readership, including parents, teachers, and children. In recent years, it has sponsored many reading activities, such as reading clubs, speeches, and study groups, to promote the concept of “interaction between society and good books” and put it into practice.