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ISBN :9789865535971 / Pages : 48

Monster Mom

Illustrator CATFISH

Monster Mom loves her baby so much, she wants to give her baby the best of everything in the world and protect her child forever. But as soon as the baby is born, the Monster Mom begins to worry. She’s worried that the baby will be washed away by the river, worried that bacteria will make the baby sick... The world seems to be full of dangers, and it’s safest for the baby to return to her belly This story expresses the strong maternal love and the complicated emotions of letting go of one’s child as they become more independent. This is the first book written and illustrated by CATFISH, formerly selected for the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition.


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Children's Books
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Early Readers3-6
Global Kids Books
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Simplified Chinese
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Global Kids Books, a division of Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group
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Angeia Kuo
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