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ISBN :9789865250508 / Pages : 48

Goodnight, Baby Earth

Author Jimmy Liao
Illustrator Jimmy Liao

The author, Jimmy Liao, who has been creating picture books for more than 20 years, has healed many people with his stories and illustrations. This time, he’s created "Goodnight, Baby Earth," a bedtime picture book for young children. Writing from the perspective of children and the guardianship of love, the story is filled with happiness. Using repetition and rhyming sentences, the book reads like a gentle lullaby, which is perfect for parents to read along with their children. Let your child spend their story time with Flying Dragon, Toot-toot Bird, Mimi Cat, and Baby Earth, and enter into a sweet dream together.


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Children's Books
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Early Readers3-6
Global Kids Books
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Simplified Chinese
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Global Kids Books, a division of Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group
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Angeia Kuo
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022517 3688*336
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