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ISBN :9789864798070,9789864798087 / Pages : 112

Good Character Volume

Author Xiao-Zhen Lai
Illustrator Momo Jeff,Yu-Nin Tsai

The little hippo asked the little alligator to help watch over the house, and warned the little alligator that he must not open the door to the storage The little alligator, however, became more curious by the day and one day just couldn’t help it anymore The big bad wolf had been starving for days and was about to pass out, when it came upon the delicious little sheep. But the little sheep appeared not to be scared at all, and even wanted to cook for him


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Children's Books
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Middle Grade7-12
Global Kids Books
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Simplified Chinese
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Global Kids Books, a division of Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group
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Angeia Kuo
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022517 3688*336
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  • Global Views - Commonwealth Publishing Group is one of the top five trade publishers in Taiwan, consists of two book imprints: Commonwealth Publishing Company and Global Kids Books. We publish 200 titles per year, and have a backlist of about 3,600 titles. About one third of our titles are bestsellers.