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ISBN :9789864798438,9789864798445,9789864798476,9789864798483 / Pages : 38

Big Discovery of Food

Author Li-Ping Wu,Hui-Feng Lai,Kariods Wu and Yu-Chwen Hsu,Ya-Lei Huang
Illustrator Jia-Dong Lin,Tai Pera,Kariods Wu,Chia-Ying Lin

How is tofu made? Come explore the secrets behind making tofu with Fox the Scientist, and taste how delicious tofu is Why do some persimmons taste astringent and others sweet? Follow in the steps of the crab and the monkey and travel around the globe to hear stories about persimmons from all over the world. Why do pineapples sting? Follow the Pineapple Prince on a journey back in time to the 15th century, which also happens to be the life journey of the pineapple. Can clams walk? Follow the connoisseur, the oystercatcher, and get to know the physical structure of clams.


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Children's Books
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Middle Grade7-12
Global Kids Books
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Simplified Chinese
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Global Kids Books, a division of Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group
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Angeia Kuo
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