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ISBN :9789865535841, 9789865535858, 9789865535865 / Pages : 100

AQ Picturebook

Author Peng-Wei Tsen
Illustrator Chia-Ying Lin, Ya-Ling Huang, Yi-Wen Huang

The AQ Picture Book series cultivate children's resilience! It enables children to have the courage to be themselves, to maintain righteousness in adversity, and derive strength from firm beliefs.
Lifu has always been prone to tears, and cries non-stop every year at the school’s graduation ceremony. This year he is going to present flowers to his favorite teacher. Will he be able to hold back his tears this time? Youchen wants the toy red car very much, but gradually realizes that there are things far more important than toy cars. Yidi lives in his own slow-paced world, but he silently executes a mysterious project.


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Children's Books
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Early Readers(3-6)
Global Kids Books
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Simplified Chinese
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Global Kids Books, a division of Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group
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Angeia Kuo
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(02)2517 3688*336
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  • Global Views - Commonwealth Publishing Group is one of the top five trade publishers in Taiwan, consists of two book imprints: Commonwealth Publishing Company and Global Kids Books. We publish 200 titles per year, and have a backlist of about 3,600 titles. About one third of our titles are bestsellers.