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ISBN :9789869901543 / Pages : 56

Sheepy the Dog

Author Garlic Crush Studios
Illustrator Garlic Crush Studios

Sheepy the Dog is a story about friendship and courage. As a group of best friends stray dog are caught, their only hope is to be adopted by kind future owners. Sheppy is the youngest of the five dogs and is always the favorite to be adopted, but his love and care for his friends lead him to be last one in the shelter. Will he be adopted?


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Children's Books
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Early Readers3-6
Garlic Crush Studios
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Garlic Crush Studios
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Ching Yi Lin
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  • Garlic Crush is a children's story studio based in Taipei. We believe laughter and fun have the same effect on childhood that garlic has on food. They make everything taste more flavorful, meaningful and wonderful.