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ISBN :9789869901512, 9789869901550, 9789869901574 / Pages : 48

Food Villains

Author Garlic Crush Studios
Illustrator Garlic Crush Studios

Food Villains is a series of 3 books focusing on balanced and healthy eating habits. The villains in the three books represent sugar, processed foods, and high temperature cooked foods, and as they show up to disturb the lives of the 6 main characters representing the 6 main types of food, the characters learn what they do and how harmful they can be to the eater's health. The books are adventurous and fun, delivering lasting messages without lecturing.


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Children's Books
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Early Readers3-6
Garlic Crush Studios
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Garlic Crush Studios
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Ching Yi Lin
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  • Garlic Crush is a children's story studio based in Taipei. We believe laughter and fun have the same effect on childhood that garlic has on food. They make everything taste more flavorful, meaningful and wonderful.