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ISBN :9789869648943, 9789869757003, 9789869850315, 9789869850377 / Pages : 40

Family Secrets Set of 4 Books

Author Garlic Crush Studios
Illustrator Garlic Crush Studios

Family's Secret is a series of 4 books, each illustrating an unique relationship between two specific members of the family, including father and daughter, mother and son, grandpa and grandson, and grandma and granddaughter. While the parents' books focus on the deep bond between the family members, the grandparents' one focus on the difference and fun between generations.


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Children's Books
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Early Readers3-6
Garlic Crush Studios
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Garlic Crush Studios
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Ching Yi Lin
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  • Garlic Crush is a children's story studio based in Taipei. We believe laughter and fun have the same effect on childhood that garlic has on food. They make everything taste more flavorful, meaningful and wonderful.