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ISBN :9789869757010, 978986975702, 9789869757041, 978986975709, 9789869850308, 9789869901529, 9789860614817 / Pages : 40

Brownc Kindergarten: Roll Call + Vacation + Back to School + Run + Nap + Eat + Friend

Author Garlic Crush Studios
Illustrator Garlic Crush Studios

Brownc Kindergarten is a spin-off series from the popular Brownc series, this time the characters are students at a kindergarten. The new series has 7 books to date, each tells an interesting story about an aspect of kindergarten life, from first day to school, so making friends, to naping. The stories are humorous and strongly relate to children, and have become a top selling series in the 3-6 age group.


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Children's Books
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Early Readers3-6
Garlic Crush Studios
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Garlic Crush Studios
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Ching Yi Lin
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  • Garlic Crush is a children's story studio based in Taipei. We believe laughter and fun have the same effect on childhood that garlic has on food. They make everything taste more flavorful, meaningful and wonderful.