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ISBN :9789869674126 / Pages : 352

Remember My Fac

Author Chia-Li Huang
Illustrator Chia-Li Huang

It was a suicide incident that caused Duan to accidentally can see ghosts, He was forced to help ghosts of different identities fulfill their last wishes and leave the world. However, there was an amnestic ghost who wandered around and did not leave, causing him to have nightmares. The encounter between humans and ghosts resolved the shortcomings of each other’s lives. He looked at the ghosts who faced everything calmly, and began to change their escape personality. He had the courage to face the female ghost with amnesia, and found that she was the sister who drowned to save her, Duan can finally let go and grasp life.

#Supernatural # Warm


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Young Adult13-18
Frontier Anime Co., Ltd.
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Frontier Anime Co., Ltd.
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Wei-Ru Chen
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