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ISBN :9789689674171 / Pages : 176

Find My Way

Author Chia-Li Huang
Illustrator Chia-Li Huang

Based on Taiwan's traditional folk culture " Leader of the Parade", it describes how two people who were originally unrelated to solve the case under the guidance of the gods. Zhang Yong, who can suppress and exorcise evil, and the ghost cop Boan, who is possessed by Zhang Yong's girlfriend, are hesitating because of their own anxiety in their hearts. After going through trials and hardships, they finally understood that the gods guided them by believing in their own decision, and parade officer waving the flag, and through baptism, they bravely marched into the future.

# Culture #Folklore


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Young Adult13-18
Frontier Anime Co., Ltd.
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Frontier Anime Co., Ltd.
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Wei-Ru Chen
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