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ISBN :9789865043216 / Pages : 184

May I Add Some Sugar in My Pickled Mustar Green

Author Mu-ti
Illustrator Mu-ti

Hsu Tian Ning is a rookie teacher from Tainan who travelled to the north to teach, She came to a Hakka village featured a culture totally different to that of Tainan. Every day, she would receive sauerkraut from the older women of the village. It was there that she met Chiou Peng Hao, a young Hakka who also happened to be a teacher. During her time there, she experienced various traditional customs that are unique to the Hakka people. These were all pleasant surprises she has never experience before. However, just as she was gradually getting used to her new life, an unexpected accident happened...

#May I add some sugar in my pickled mustard green


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