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ISBN :9789863599036 / Pages : 64

Super Engineering Project in Taiwan 04 Taiwan High Speed Rail

Author Jian-Qi Huang
Illustrator Aping Wu

The first book of the architecture and construction work for children For the construction project alone, a total of 19 engineering companies from all over the world took over the various sections, and each project section faced different challenges: some routes passed through ecological areas, some routes were in danger of geological subsidence, and some routes had cities. We must strive to set up stations...How does the high-speed rail solve these problems? Base on the professional investigation and objective news collections, we appreciate to introduce the book and the Taiwan pride of architectural technology to our generation. Through reading this book, children can see the construction process of the tunnel and learn about the science, technology and how it influences the environment and our daily life.

#engineering #High-speed railway


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