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ISBN :9789863598701 / Pages : 240

Decisive Battle Against the AI ​​Sun Kingdom

Author Foxconn Education Foundation
Illustrator Hsin-Ju Hsieh

Xuanyuan, Yaoyao and A Shun are the main members of the A Zhai League well...there are actually only three people. They are good at solving big and small things in life with technology, such as dispatching drones to help find lost dogs, and even playing baseball. I also wrote programs to analyze the opponent's pitching trajectory and so on.   On an ordinary to no good afternoon, the three of them always failed to swing their bats as usual, and they couldn't hit the ball anyway. Finally, Xuanyuan sent Millie, a robot with deep learning capabilities, to play. "Qiang──" A home run changed the result of the game and accidentally intervened in the chase by the temporal police in 2121...    Who is the time and space police pursuing? What is the big crisis behind this, and the secret?



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Middle Grade7-12
Ecus Publishing House
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