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ISBN :9789866634949 / Pages : 144

Sometimes in the City

Author 61Chi
Illustrator 61Chi
Award The 13th Japan International MANGA Award, Bronze Award, Nomination of 2020 Golden Comic Awards for Comic of the Year category

There is no dialogue and no traditional storyline. Each chapter is a full single page of illustration, divided into between 3 and 9 frames, telling a story of city life, drawn as if snapped by a camera in sequence from a fixed position. These stories are moments, vignettes just seconds in length. The illustrations and accompanying text descriptions evoke a wide range of emotions and experiences, and constitute a fresh, unconventional comic book reading experience.

#Urban Culture


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Appropriate Age
Young Adult13-18
Dala Publishing Company
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Locus Publishing Company
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Vinelle Pan
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886 2-8712-3898 ext. 35
Publisher Information
  • Founded in 2003, Dala Publishing Company has been devoted to promoting local comic artists to readers in Taiwan and abroad. It also provides channels for Chinese readers to discover European comics and coordinated the creation of cross-regional illustrated projects.