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ISBN :9789869855723 / Pages : 128

Iron Boy: Pirate Town 1

Author Richard Metson
Illustrator Richard Metson

Pirate Town. You won't find it on any map of Ghost Island. Only one attraction keeps new visitors coming—robot fighting tournament known as the Battle of the Bots. Davy a 13-year-old boy who dreams of creating his own fighter bot for the tournament but it is strongly opposed by His grandfather. One day the local gangsters dare Davy to bet in the Battle of the Bots—and Davy loses big. The gangsters threaten Davy to pay up or else. When all hope seems lost a rogue Max who owns a heart of gold and his charming robot sidekick Shitbox suddenly come into the picture.

#Fantasy # Adventure


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All Ages
Dala Publishing Company
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Locus Publishing Company
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  • Founded in 2003, Dala Publishing Company has been devoted to promoting local comic artists to readers in Taiwan and abroad. It also provides channels for Chinese readers to discover European comics and coordinated the creation of cross-regional illustrated projects.