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ISBN :9789869949675 / Pages : 72

Hostel of Lost Function

Author Gami
Illustrator Gami

Hostel of Lost Function is a magic Building, which satisfies all people’s needs. It’s so perfect that no one can bear to lose it. This graphic novel is mainly designed for adults to encourage them to accept their vulnerability after losing a family member. The metaphorical nature of the imagery makes the traumatic experience and the grief visible.



Bibliographic Information
Appropriate Age
Young Adult13-18
Dala Publishing Company
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Locus Publishing Company
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Vinelle Pan
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886 2-8712-3898 ext. 35
Publisher Information
  • Founded in 2003, Dala Publishing Company has been devoted to promoting local comic artists to readers in Taiwan and abroad. It also provides channels for Chinese readers to discover European comics and coordinated the creation of cross-regional illustrated projects.