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ISBN :9789865421403 / Pages : 40

Bon Bon & Jo Jo's Journey Home

Author Kent Chang
Illustrator Wei Da Lin

From the perspective of two rare Asian parti-colored bats born in the Sixth Fuel Factory in Hsinchu, this painting book shall bring you a journey of the little bats finding their way home. Through the interaction and communication with other animals on their way, the two bats can gradually piece together the appearance of that building with chimney in their memories. We hope that children can explore, understand, and find out the characteristics of the fuel factory in the paintings. By doing so, they can know the history, culture, and buildings in their homeland, as well as form a deeper connection to them, thereby bringing more possibilities to 


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Children's Books
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Middle Grade7-12
Cultural Affairs Bureau, Hsinchu City
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Cultural Affairs Bureau, Hsinchu City /Kent Animation Digital Independent Production, Inc
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Monica Tsai
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