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ISBN :9789869993401 / Pages : 50

What Would Take You away

Author Miao Wang
Illustrator Croter Hung

This is a picture book of poetry. The poet Miao Wang used brief words to describe the parting quietly, perhaps only like the occasional sound of the wind. Illustrator CROTER creates a scene of Whispers and talkative, like an invisible lens shot on the side, to provide a noisy but speechless background for this poem. This is a picture book about "WWhat would take you away". Perhaps after you read it, you will know more about parting than you thought.


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Young Adult13-18
Croter Illustration & Design Studio
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Croter Illustration & Design Studio
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Croter Hung
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  • Croter, designer and illustrator. In 2004 he started individual creation and design. He is good at combining design with different styles of illustrations. He draws illustrations with the superrealism technique, combining myths and ironic humor, which aims to show the reality of life and society in an innocent tone. He lives in Kaohsiung now, creating his works with reality and ideals.