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ISBN :9789866963797 / Pages : 496

Let's Sing and Learn English Songs

Author Gloria Lu

This book is a collection of 144 famous English nursery rhymes. It introduces the historical origins of these songs and hence provides readers with valuable cultural enhancement. This book is divided into three levels based on the length of the songs, the difficulty of the sentence patterns, and the complexity of the rhymes. With ample vocabulary items, example sentences, attractive illustrations, and an accompanying MP3, it is easy for children to digest and learn these popular nursery rhymes, and thereby enjoy learning English.


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Children's Books
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Middle Grade7-12
Cosmos Culture Ltd.
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The PaiSha Agency
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Kim Pai
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  • Cosmos Culture Ltd., established in March 1998, is composed of intellectuals from different professions. The staff is devoted to cultural education and hopes to make a significant contribution to the inheritance and development of world culture by providing knowledge and high quality reference books to our readers.