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ISBN :9789862744345 / Pages : 48

Wow The Park the Goshawk

Author Hua-Ren He
Illustrator Hua-Ren He

Look There’s a hawk in the sky. Living in a big city which is filled with tall buildings and heavy traffic, the hawk has cultivated great surviving skills. It needs bold flying skills to fly through the crowded streets and enjoy the precious sunshine and air in the park. It is the largest bird in the park. Whenever it shows up, other birds flew away. In spring, the hawk met another hawk in the park. Luckily, they got together. The two hawks built a nest on a tall tree, which later became a luxurious home for them. Before long, they have two baby hawks in their family. The hawk father and mother carefully protected their babies, and accompanied them as they grew up. Years later, the baby hawks grew up and they couldn’t wait to leave the nest and see the world themselves. The hawk father and mother encouraged them to spread their wings and fly in the sky. Since then, there are four hawks in the park. Happily living and flying. Once upon a time, there’s a hawk in the sky. Now, there are four, flying in the midsummer night.

# Environment #Nature # Animals # Ecology # Taipei # Goshawk # Park


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