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ISBN :9789869783927 / Pages : 38

How Many Kilos Father Is?

Author Fang-Yi Chen
Illustrator Fang-Yi Chen

When the father is happy, the whole family is happy; when the father is angry, the whole family becomes very quiet, afraid of offending the angry father. One day, the father turned into a bear and hibernated. When he woke up, the children would not recognize him What should dad do?

#Weight scale # Father role # Mother role. Parent-child relationship. accompany


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Chen Fang-Yi Children Book
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  • Chen Fang-Yi children Book is an independent publisher and also a personal brand, founded on 2019. Mrs. Chen is a fine art artist, good at watercolor painting, oil painting and ink painting. After her girl was born, she feels so much feelings want to share with the girl; no matter the feeling is about the love between mother and children or the perspective of this world. Mrs. Chen publishes picture books for her girl and also share the books with all parents and children in the world.