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ISBN :97809869954006 / Pages : 40

Toheartworld Wonderland

Author Wen Ying Kao
Illustrator Wen Ying Kao

Painting is an expression of emotional subconsciousness. Due to physiological factors, the development of children's emotional and expressive abilities are still need the guidance and help from adult. The seven daily stories in this picture book are using children's own drawings as a medium to communicate with children to turn their drawing to life , into a child's exclusive companion doll to give the child a sense of identity and security. Let the children know they are still surrounded by loves when they expressing their emotions and inner thoughts.

#social-emotional learning # SEL


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Children's Books
Vanessa Wen Ying Kao
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Middle Grade7-12
Cheerful International Creative Co., Ltd.
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Cheerful International Creative Co. Ltd.
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Vanessa Kao
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  • Toheartworld is one of our brands and is committed to caring for children's issues. With picture books, activity courses, and customized emotional connection gift services, it enriches the expression of hearts and emotions, and enhances the warmth of caring between people. We made exclusive companion dolls for disadvantaged ill children at Taiwan Children's Hospital and donated picture books to rural education units. Good deeds were reported by the media and selected as teaching materials for character education in kindergartens. We believe that starting from the heart can inspire more good sparks.