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ISBN :9789869897914 / Pages : 40

100th Silver Hair

Author Yi-Fang Lu
Illustrator Lin Yu Jen

When you’re having 100 strands of silver hair, it seems the right time to embark on the journey looking for the key to life and opening up the door to the new world. Without the key, you’ll become smaller and smaller until you’re turned into a cat-shaped stone. The four old black cats decided to take an adventure together as they all wanted to find the key to life. Then it occurred to them: While overcoming obstacles require life experiences, some lessons simply need to wait till you’re approaching old age. And some friendships are meant to last forever… What are you going to do when you are having 100 strands of silver hair? This is a picture book that celebrates aging. As the four old black cats set out for an adventure, this book addresses the topic of aging by exploring the options available to all of us. We all get old, yet we can either choose to wait for the end without doing anything, or we can set off to find the key to the door of the new world. 1. A Taiwanese picture book specifically created for seniors and all ages. 2. Large format printing for seniors to read. 3. Aesthetically pleasing; an inspiring story that is told in a lively way and makes interesting reading for grandparents and grandchildren. 4. The LOHAS and healthy aging spirits are both stressed in this picture book. Highly recommended for senior communities, active aging centers, and long-term care facilities.

#picture books for seniors # active aging # getting older # adventures # friendship # LOHAS # cats # Kuroro


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