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ISBN :9789869707930 / Pages : 16

Taichung Wimmelbook

Author Family L'Homme
Illustrator Sean Chuang

The Wimmelbook encourages children and adults to explore the world   It brings out fun, engagement and surprises   Speaking of Taichung, what comes to your mind? Is it the night market that sells different kinds of local street food? Is it the splendid architecture, the Luce Chapel in Tunghai University? Or the art center, National Taichung Theater? There are more to see in Guguan and Gaomei Westland, too. Oh, see who comes along with us? A cute black doggie and the Grandpa Dentist, who protect us all the way through.   Can you spot any Taiwanese protected species? Let’s find their tracks Also, a great bird, a giant gorilla, and some special aircrafts are surrounding us   Everywhere countless, lovingly drawn details ensure a smile of young and old. There is so much to see Come and explore

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Early Readers3-6
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