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ISBN :9789869707923 / Pages : 16

Captain Helen, the Kitten's Monster, and Their Fantasy Journey

Author The Aurora Chasers 

Wimmelbook – Transportation series   Captain Helen, The Kitten’s Monsters and Their Fantasy Journey   Who took the kitten’s toys from the pilot?   Was it the sweet-tooth San-Tai-Zi? Or Mr. Fox with a whole suitcase of boxers? Or the old Grandpa who couldn’t find his denture?   What are people busy with at the airport? What do duty-free stores sell? How do passengers check in? Where have all the suitcases gone?   Before the planes take off, what needs to be done? How does the check-up work? What does it look like in the cockpit?   Find out all the fun facts about the huge carrier in the sky

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Middle Grade7-12
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