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ISBN :9789863189190 / Pages : 176

Big City, Little Things 5

Author HOM
Illustrator HOM
Award 2020 Golden Comic Awards: Comic of the Year

(English) The side dish of McDonald's combo meal is always french fries, and those who want ice cream will have to order an extra cone. Toya, who wants to have children; Huan-yuan, who needs a marriage to disguise his sexual orientation from his parents; and Cheng-hao, who wants nothing more than to be by Huan-yuan's side. The three of them choose this marriage combo meal. But it is a marriage without love and a love without marriage. When everyone craves for ice cream, what additional cost will that be?

(Español) La guarnición de todos los combos de McDonald’s son las papas fritas, y todos aquellos que deseen acompañarlas con helado deberán ordenarlo por separado. Toya, quien sólo desea tener hijos,; Huan-Yuan, quien necesita comprometerse para cubrir su verdadera orientación sexual de sus padres; y Cheng-Hao, quien no desea otra cosa más que estar al lado de Huan-Yuan. Los tres eligen formar parte de su combo matrimonial. Pero éste es entonces un matrimonio sin amor y un amor sin matrimonio… Cuando alguien quiera el helado, ¿a qué precio tendrán que pagarlo?

#Diverse family formation # Same-sex marriage # Marriage equality # Gender equality education


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