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ISBN :9789869801591 / Pages : 262

A Graphic Novel Adaptation by Ruan Guang-Min of Selected Stories from The Illusionist on the Skywalk and Other Stories by Wu Ming-Yi

Author Ming-Yi Wu
Award 2020 Golden Comic Award

(English) A graphic novel adaptation by Ruan Guang-Min of selected stories from The Illusionist on the Skywalk and Other Stories by Wu Ming-Yi is based on the 2011 novel of the same name by Wu Ming-Yi. The graphic novel is a collection of eight short stories that take place in the seventies at the famous Chunghwa shopping centre in Taipei. The shopping centre consisted of eight buildings in a row. The illusionist and the skywalks connecting the buildings are prominent in these stories, with childhood memories of the shopping centre as a central theme. The protagonists, narrators and perspectives are all different in each of the stories, but personae that appear in one story sometimes appear in another as passers-by. Besides this, memories also create a continuity that makes it seem that the narrators have overlapping memories despite their different pasts. Spinning memories into stories becomes magic, and the narrator skillfully demonstrates his tricks in a marvellous illusion of disappearances, reappearances and invisibility. The last story sheds new light on the stories, making the reader want to re-read them again and again.

(Español) Esta colección de ocho historias cortas sucede en la década de los setenta en el famoso centro comercial de Chunghwa en Taipéi que estaba formado por ocho edificiones. El tema central de este libro son los recuerdos sobre el lugar en la memoría del autor. Los protagonistas, narradores y perspectivas son todos diferentes en cada historia, pero cada uno traspasa en todas las secciones como visitantes. Además, las memorias y voces de los narradores crean un efecto de continuidad a pesar de que todos tienen diferentes pasados. Esta tormenta de recuerdos convierte a la historia en una mágica fusión de apariencias, desapariciones e invisibilidad. La última historia da luz a todas las anteriores, y hará que el lector quiera volver a leerlas varias veces más.

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