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ISBN :9789869782340 / Pages : 126

Fishing on a Small Island: Snapshots of Daily Life at the Waterfront in Taiwan

Author Flâneur Culture Lab, Wei-Zhi Wang, Wei-Lin Li, Chih-Ying Liao, Ting-Ling Luo
Illustrator Wen-Yan Wang, Yong-Jie Lin, Zi-Heng Weng, Zhi-Qin Chen, Zhen-Hao Liu
Award 2020 Golden Tripod Award for Publications

(English) Who would have thought that behind Taiwan’s ocean and freshwater views lie extraordinary stories of the island’s fishermen carving out their livelihood?

This book highlights 11 of Taiwan’s traditional fishing techniques. Backdropped by beautiful sea and freshwater, the life stories of active fishermen thread through each featured technique, pulling together with them local landscapes and culture. The people behind each technique are portrayed in valiant and heroic light. With strong fishing imagery serving as the driving force, supplemented are interviews of the masters, ever ready to impact their knowledge, and experts in history and culture to explain various local customs. A benchmark for fishing books in Taiwan, readers are swept into a vicarious story of fishing life, and experience the spirit and culture of our everyday fishermen.

(Español) ¿Quién hubiera pensado que detrás del océano de Taiwán y las vistas de agua clara se encuentran las historias extaordinarias de la vida de los pescadores?

Este libro pone atención en once técnicas tradicionales de pescar en Taiwán. Con las aguas marinas y su bellaza como telón de fondo, las historias de estos pescadores se mezclan detrás de cada ténica y son descritas con una perspectiva heróica. Con poderosas imágenes de pesca como fuerza narrativa, el libro contiene entrevistas hechas a estos maestros que nos asombrarán siempre, pues son expertos en cultura e historia local. Un punto de referencia para los libros de pesca de Taiwán. Los lectores son invitados a participar en las historias de vida de sus protagonistas, quienes comparten su experiencia y transmiten su espíritu y cultura con devoción

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  • Editions du Flâneur was established in 1998, and although grounded on publishing contemporary classics in translation, the publisher has always aspired to open a new literary world for Taiwan’s readers. In 2009 the name officially changed to Flâneur Culture Lab, with Ms. Liao Mei-li, former vice president of Eslite Bookstore, taking on the role of president. Branching out from core publishing, the company has added a creative culture planning department.

    In addition to translations of the classics, Editions du Flâneur has slowly expanded to include new books: the “Society” series on current social issues, the avant-garde “Arts and Design” series, and at the forefront of what’s trending now, the “Entrepreneurship and technology” series. Publications are often the subject of awards, and spanning the last dozen years Flâneur has received Golden Tripods (Taiwan), Red Dot Design Award (Germany), and numerous Book Review Awards by China Times (Taiwan).

    The Flâneur Creative Culture arm played a role in establishing Fangsuo Commune in Guangzhou, and since opening in November 2011, the bookstore has pioneered a new landscape for China’s readers. The bookstore has already won many global retail awards, including a World Retail Award, China’s Retail Creativity Award, and Hong Kong’s Perspective A&D Trophy. Flâneur is currently in plans for more cultural spaces on both sides of the strait. Two recent notables are Fangsuo Commune in Chengdu, which opened in January 2015, and the grand opening of the art book wall of Artron Art Center in Shenzhen in May.

    In recent years, Flâneur has started creating their own books based on ideas from the minds of their editor collective. By unearthing cultural material and focusing on the editors’ strengths, the hope is to give readers a new perspective on their surroundings and a completely different reading experience. We will continue to push for superlative publications, images, and cultural spaces, to expand horizons and open up new modes of thinking for readers of literature in Chinese, because at Flâneur we believe that books are but a single path to knowledge.