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ISBN :9789863873167 / Pages : 400

Clouds Around the Mountain

Author Shu-Yao Chen
Award 2020 Golden Tripod Award

(English) Facing the mountain range, there was a family of four. As time passed, only the mother and her daughter were left to accompanyeach other. Although their life seemed to be peaceful, the threat of aging and illness was still lurking around the corner. Beneath the unlimited sky, they felt somewhat lost and somehow disturbed. Everyday seemed to be a day that would last forever. Thus, they decided to separate one day a week to find their own way out.

(Español) Una familia de cuatro miembros ven de frente una cordillera de montañas. Conforme pasa el tiempo, sólo la madre y su hija se hacen mutua compañía. A pesar de que su vida parece muy tranquila, la vejez y enfermedades están a la vuelta de la esquina. Debajo de un cielo infinito, sienten que algo se ha perdido y ha sufrido cambios. Todos los días parecen una eternidad. Es por eso que deciden que un día a la semana cada una buscará su destino.

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