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ISBN :9789863872757 / Pages : 264

The Romance Before Sunrise: A Sketch of Taiwan Literature During the Period of Japanese Rule

Author Hsiang-Yin Lai
Award 2020 Golden Tripod Award

(English) The Romance before Sunrise: A sketch of Taiwan Literature during the Period of Japanese Rule is based on Ang Lau’s novel Love Stories Before Sunrise. This book pays a tribute to its predecessor on the foreign land, and can also be compared to the modern novels in Taiwan. From exploring writing styles in the 1920s to showcasing the works in the 1940s, Taiwanese novelists had expressed their passion fully. No matter how difficult the circumstances were, writers still embraced their passion in the darkness. Sadly, no one appreciated their hard work so it just evaporated like the dew after dawn.

The author carefully picked fourteen Taiwanese novelists in the Japanese colonial period, revealing once more their dream of writing, the civilization and the oppressive reality in the beginning of the last century.

(Español) Este libro está inspirado en la novela de Ang Lau Historias de amor antes del amanecer. La obra rinde tributo a la tierra extranjera precursora, y también puede ser comparada con las novelas modernas de Taiwán. En ella se exploran los estilos de escritura desde la década de los veinte hasta los cuarenta, cuando los novelistas de la isla crearon con intensa pasión. Sin importar sus difíciles circunstancias, estos creadores jamás se ridieron ante la adversidad. Tristemente, poca gente apreció su talento y arduo trabajo hasta desvanecerse en el ocaso.

El autor ha seleccionado cuidadosamente 14 novelistas taiwaneses que trabajaron durante el periodo colonial japonés para revelar en este libro sus aspiraciones e ilustrar la realidad opresiva que vivieron.

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