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ISBN :9789862745113 / Pages : 40

I Can

Author Wang Fan Nien
Illustrator Kuangkuang Xu

(English) Accept children to learn from their mistakes instead of always requesting them not to make mistakes. "Being wrong slowly, being right slowly and learn slowly." This concept can have children understand correctly for the faith of being wrong, it can also improve children's ability to deal with mistakes in the future and get rid of the fear of mistakes and failure.

(Español) Ofrece a los niños la habilidad para que aprendan de sus errores, en vez de prohibirles cometerlos. “Equivócate lentamente, acierta lentamente, aprende lentamente.” Este concepto le enseñará a los niños a equivocarse con un objetivo y les mostrará cómo hacer frente a los errores para no temerles más.

#Growing up # Facts of life # Early learning


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