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ISBN :9789579668163 / Pages : 240

Hundreds of Strange Anecdotes and Goldfish

Author Ca-Ye-Cati
Illustrator Pemy

(English) After school accidentally overturned the fish tank and swallowed a goldfish,
Qinghe's ordinary life is gone forever.
A dazzling and colorful world unfolds in front of us, and the
unprecedented inhabitants of Lijie are not only novel, but also a crisis.

Swallowing a goldfish and turning into a goldfish is simply a curse!
Qinghe, who didn’t want to become a goldfish, tried his best to fish for goldfish (by mistake)... Well, it
was a sage who had recovered two sweet tooth control angels.
After experiencing almost being cut open to grab the goldfish and nearly drowning,
he said Is he the owner of the "cat dog"?

"I am an animal dog, Inuliang God."
I am loyal to you until the end of my life-a dog that belongs only to you.

(Español) Después de que al salir de la escuela Qinghe tiró sin querer la pecera y se tragó un pez de colores, su vida no volvería a ser la misma. Un desorbitante y colorido mundo se transforma frente a nuestros ojos. Trata con desesperación de eliminar el conjuro sin ningún resultado, pero su entusiasmo lo lleva a vivir una serie de peligrosos e inesperados sucesos.



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