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ISBN :9789579529624 / Pages : 32

Fox Had 11 Extractions

Author Shu-Fen Cheng
Illustrator Shu-Fen Cheng

(English) Combining with a greedy fox, ancient magic, and making a wish, the story construct a humorous storyline. The childlike expressions of the characters deeply catch children’s eye. It is a charming story. Under the author's ingenious arrangement, she gives an unconventional and profound ending, which is warm and thought-provoking.

There was a greedy fox living in the forest, often shouting: "So hungry! So hungry!" Every day, he had to eat 11 frogs, 22 mice, 33 eggs, 44 insects, and 55 fruits then he was full. In order to find more food, he devoured his meals all the time. By chance, the fox found that the chickens, ducks and geese in Lala Village nearby were delicious. He could effortlessly get a full meal! He stole them every two or three days. The villagers noticed it and thought of many ways to catch the fox, but they did not succeed. It turned out that the fox often came to eavesdrop, so he could avoid all kinds of traps.

One day, the village head lost her tooth, so she came up with a good idea. She therefore colluded with the villagers and gathered everyone for a meeting in public. Of course, the fox also sneaked up. Could the villagers successfully catch the fox this time?

(Español) Un día, la jefa de la aldea perdió un diente y se le ocurrió una idea. Ella juntó a los habitantes y les habló en público. Desde luego, el zorro ya estaba ahí para escucharlos. ¿Podrán los aldeanos atrapar al zorro en esta ocasión?

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