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ISBN :9789869656986 / Pages : 224

The Cuisine of Taiwan

Illustrator YI-HSIEN LIN

Gourmet is intertwined with space. The Taiwanese cuisine restaurant is not only filled with scents but also constructs a unique atmosphere of diets. Diet in Taiwan can be generally categorized into Hakka cuisine, Fujian cuisine, and other immigrant styles of cuisine. The local restaurants embody delicate differences between various groups of communities, especially for the metropolitan areas where immigrants from different places were gathered.
Diet history is intertwined with local customs and history, which manifests the broadness and inclusiveness of Taiwan. As time goes by, Taiwanese cuisine is fused with Guangdong and Fujian cuisine, Beijing cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Shanghai cuisine, and unique dishes from military housing. Taiwanese cuisine is also affected by the local custom, climate, and ingredients, and it has evolved into idiosyncratic dishes and diets. “The cuisine of Taiwan” is another a cultural encyclopedia that analyzes the Taiwanese cuisine with rolling aromas in the air. “so Taiwan! ”

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