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ISBN :9787559628855 / Pages : 36

Little Newton Kids Books STEAM Series

Author newton publishing

This set of books refers to the STEAM education concept, hoping to provide children with all-round and multi-faceted learning content, and enhancing their comprehensive competitiveness. It attempt to help children develop their ability of observation, exploration, practice, and open-minded creativity, and guide them to comprehensively use interdisciplinary knowledge, develop creativity, and solve problems in life.
In these books, we select major science themes, and integrate 5 disciplines of STEAM education concept to provide easy-to-understand content for children. they include 1,800 exquisite hand-painted real-life photos, creative layout and special binding, intuitive explanation of 900 knowledge points, 60 video manual lessons, with live demonstrations and animation explanations.
There are 60 Volumes in the series.

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  • Little Newton is one of the leading children and science publishing company in Taiwan. Began with publication of “Newton Magazine”in 1983, “Little Newton Magazine” in 1984, and “Little Newton for Kids and Toddlers” in 1990. Till now, we have created over 1,000 best seller publications.
    In 2003, we released our titles in China Mainaland via copyright licensing. They have been loved by many children, parents and teachers . Little Newton is taken as an important brand for children publication in China.
    Now, we will extend from paper books and eBooks to on-line courses,and from Chinese-speaking world to worldwide.