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ISBN :9789869656979 / Pages : 284

The Journey of Exiguous Dust

Author I CHI HO

From the divine to the human world, from humanity to history, the author left Taiwan for Indo-Pacific, Asia, and Europe. Her touring journals are like footsteps in the mortal coil, measuring people and the mysterious world. This book collects tens of travel journals across decades. The places she went to are mainly countries in western and southern Asia. Muslim and Hindi culture are particularly described in a delicate way.
These articles have expanded a rare field among tourism writing in Taiwan. The most fascinating part of this book is the thoughtfulness and kindness encountered during the journey. Different cultures and languages, stepping outside of the comfort zone during the travel sometimes lead to inevitable economic embarrassments. However, people’s warm-hearted and empathy behaviors somehow shorten the gap and make the dissimilarity invisible, where we find the value of traveling.



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