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Deeper Blue

Author Howard Yang
Illustrator Yashin

In the distant future, robots work on ecological restoration after human leave the earth.
Day by day. Year by year.
This is a small science fiction comic on the encounter and separation of two robots with no connection.
As a river mouth restoration robot, my works are nothing else but coral farming, transplanting Kandelia, monitoring migratory birds and some others.
Someday at the seashore, I found a beached robot whale in my farmland, as an accident toward my tedious lives.

At the far vacant time and space, the two robots break into each other’s lives. They talk, share, kill time, and lastly get back to their own lives.
It’s like the people we meet in independent travels. Though having much in common, we say them farewell in the morning and continue our own trip. Maybe somehow like two tired office workers sit at the same table in an izakaya. They pour out their heart about the pressure of lives and separate without knowing names.

This short encounter depicts greater boredom with lives. The boredom exists in the here and now, in the past, or somewhere in the distant mechanical future.

#Science fiction # Whale # Robot


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