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ISBN :9789869656993 / Pages : 256

Marine Lessons for the 16-Year-Old


The opportunity of the sea island is in the ocean; Taiwan’s opportunity is turning around and facing the ocean. Once they get in touch with the ocean, they became curious and Curiosity further leads to concern. We start wondering why people on this sea island are reluctant to get acquainted with the sea and not willing to learn more about the sea? A simple movement offers you amazing scenery. Why not? There come people who begin to illustrate and promote: the change of having the boundless sky and sea take only some adventures and prices. This is “Marine Education.”
This book starts with the aspiration for marine education, serving as a reader’s book for teenagers’ references in Taiwan. We sincerely hope that the next young generation of Taiwan can truly be proud of themselves as the children of the ocean.

#Marine Education


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