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ISBN :9789869814812 / Pages : 232

TIAN-FU: Son of the Ocean

Author Jia-Chun Lin

Tian Fu was born with a dense covering of body hair, and he was abandoned by his parents shortly after his birth. His grandfather could not bear the fact that Tian Fu was abandoned as a newborn, so he, along with Tianfu's grandmother, adopted him and raised him. His grandparents named him "Tian Fu" which ostensibly means "being blessed with good fortune". Since he was born with peculiarity, people around him often give him weird looks and he has to endure mistreatment. The only time he feels relieved and relaxed is when he dives deep into the sea, swimming carefree like a swarm of fish. His grandparents understand his grievances so they teach their grandchildren diligently and keep him company. Mr. Kong, who is a new teacher teaching at Tian Fu's school, shows compassion to him and responding to his behavior with high tolerance, allowing him to learn freely and happily and also explore marine life with great enthusiasm. From then on, Tianfu finds confidence in himself, faces various challenges while remain calm, and even changes everyone's perception of him!

#school bullying #grandparenting # Ecological conservation


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