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ISBN :9789865504052 / Pages : 284

Love and Infatuation for Kyoto


Yao, Chiao-Mei traveled with her mother to Arashiyama in Kyoto when she was 25. They lingered on the TogetuKyo Bridge, watching at the endless spring scenery. The tranquility and the solidarity view at that moment had touched Yao, Qiao-Mei, and buried the seed for her advanced studies in Kyoto. Revisiting the old place, “Mother has left the world for many years and my hair started to turn grey.”, said Yao, Qiao-Mei.
Time flies through the millennium and Kyoto remains peaceful. “Love and infatuation for Kyoto” sets the ancient capital as the stage. The author, at her late age, urges the inevitably disappearing time and people to stay. Geishas glide across the new bridge with umbrellas on their hands. The seemingly light-footed steps are rather heavy. This abstinence can solely be accomplished by strict training. Around thirty articles and illustrations provide us a glimpse of the turbulent love and infatuation under the tranquility of Kyoto and Yao, Qian-Mei’s love and infatuation for Kyoto.



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