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ISBN :9789865504083 / Pages : 314

Letters from the Kararan River

Author KE HO

Long-haired Ho Ke likes reading and writing. His enthusiasm is incomprehensible and intriguing and his bones and flesh are brewed in alcohol. Living in a small village nearby the Central Mountain Range, where people and cars always pass by in a hurry, Garunrun has no permanent property. He regards this small village as a place for shelter, a place that has long been forgotten by the era. He would rather stay at this village than to confront his abruptness. In addition, he participates in all kinds of village events and keeps in touch with the outside world through writing letters and articles. These letters are not simply letters, they are always longer than the Kararan River nearby the village. These letters describe exactly himself, the times he has been through, the love, and the addictive alcohol he cannot get rid of.
The proceeding time is not detainable. Write it down and send these letters to the once reckless younger self. Such an old-fashion way fits well with this aging old man, who no longer can bear with loneliness.

#Country life


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