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ISBN :9789869656948 / Pages : 288

Let's Go to Tainan for Relaxation


The first is to go shopping. The second is to go to a movie. The third is grabbing a snack. The fourth is visiting friends. The fifth is the message. Missing any of it is like you haven’t been to Tainan City or something was lost in Tainan.”
This is how hipster doctor, Wu Xin Rong, described Tainan. The book begins with a diary, investigating the daily history of a (group of) local intellectual(s) during the Japanese Colonial Rule Period. “Daily chores” was considered irrelevant to important matters by people at that time, however, these “daily chores” provide us a deeper understanding towards the various facets of daily interactions between Taiwanese and Japanese and the state of mind of Taiwanese. These “Daily chores” also promotes us to contemplate on the existing value of ancient Tainan City for countrymen from the spacial perspective. Serving as a strategically important city of cultural tourism, the diary of Wu Xin-Rong gives an inside look of ancient Tainan City, which was truly fashionable 70 years ago.

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