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ISBN :9789869818834 / Pages : 272

Home Bar, 67 Recipes to Pair With A Drink

Author Bizet

Whether you enjoy wine, beer, or spirits, a quiet drink at home is an essential component of the good life. So, next time you are enjoying a glass of wine, why not pair it with a specially prepared appetizer? Whether you are alone, or in the company of a few close friends, the complementary flavors will enhance your pleasure, and, after a hard day’s work, you absolutely deserve it!

A classic like coddled egg saturated with sweet soy broth is easy to throw together with the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. If you find your appetite still isn’t satisfied, sardines roasted in garlic and oil will do the trick - ready in just twenty minutes. If you crave something with a little more flair try the braised oysters. Paired with white wine, this savory dish is sure to drive away the lingering worries of the workday. The unique recipes collected in this volume are all best enjoyed with an adult beverage or two, and are accompanied by exquisite photos of the finished products. Author Bizet starts out with a personal story about the ingredients used in each dish, and then proceeds with simple instructions that even the most inept bumblers in the kitchen will be able to follow. From Japanese classics to innovative European dishes, readers will find no shortage of culinary inspiration in this volume.

Any of these sixty-seven easy-to-prepare recipes will give readers a taste of elegance straight from their own kitchens. With fine appetizers so close at hand, the usual “drinks at home” quickly becomes an exquisite culinary experience, one to be treasured alone, or in the company of a few close companions.

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