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ISBN :9789869773119 / Pages : 312

From Northern Qi to the Ghibli: Pay a Visit to the Museum and Witness the History of Japanese Anime!


The Asahi Shimbun paid their tribute to Tezuka Osamu with the following sentence, “The reason why foreigners do not watch manga is that Tezuka Osamu was not born in their country.” There is no doubt that Japanese animate is not only entertainment and industry, it has already become a part of Japnese culture.
Tezuka Osamu is the representative of mass culture during the post-war Showa era while Miyazaki Hayao is the one who pushes Japanese Manga on the international stage. Discussions concerning Japanese anime usually focus on prosperous development after World War II. The book, on the contrary, starts with the late Edo period, exploring the turning point of Japanese manga and how Japanese manga lay its foundation and further became the Animae culture sweep all around the world.

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